Quality & Craftsmanship: Part of the fabric of Corn for nearly 70 years.

Larry Corn, who helped build company, celebrates milestone

June 26, 2015

Family traditions continue at Corn as co-founders’ younger brother celebrates his 80th birthday.

Larry Corn, the younger brother of Corn co-founders G.G. and Howard Corn, will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 1st. Family-owned and steeped in traditional family values, Corn Upholstery Company has been creating custom furniture of superior quality and workmanship for the hospitality industry since 1946.

After returning from the war, G.G. and Howard set out to create a furniture company with a reputation for quality, durability, and craftsmanship. Not long after that, younger brother Larry joined the company and, over the next 60 years, the company grew considerably to what it is today.

Larry (seated), Julie & John Corn

Larry Corn (seated) with his children, Julie and John. Each are actively engaged in continuing the family legacy of uncompromising quality and service.

Larry Corn was born and raised in Tucker, Georgia, now the home of Corn headquarters, and attended Tucker High School. Early in his career as an upholsterer, Larry met Dan Carithers who would go on to become a celebrated international designer. Larry learned much of what he knows about uncompromising quality standards and a commitment to excellence from Dan.

A few of Larry’s more notable accomplishments include: modifying industrial sewing machines to stitch through lead wool for private utility and military use, devising a new process for manufacturing more durable go-kart seats, and working with Ritz-Carlton to help develop “The Ritz style” for booths, banquettes, and upholstered walls.

Today Larry’s son, John, is President of the company and John’s sister, Julie, is Vice President. Together, this brother and sister team maintains the family commitment to excellence and attention to detail in every piece of furniture that Corn Upholstery creates. And, after all these years, Larry Corn is still very much involved in the business, choosing to come to work almost every day. As the years go by and designs and technologies change, some things never change at Corn — our dedication to the quality and durability of our products, and our commitment of service to our clients. We still work with the finest interior designers and millworkers to craft exquisite furniture that outlasts the competition. All in all, it’s been a winning combination at Corn for 69 years, and we’re not about to change now.

Happy Birthday, Larry!

Loyal employees stay 30 years or more, ensuring quality standards.

Talmadge Monfort, Larry Corn and Rick Humphries

Talmadge Monfort, Larry Corn and Rick Humphries

Many of the fine craftsman at Corn have a length of service with the company that is extraordinary in the industry.

Ricky Humphries and Talmadge Monfort have each been with Corn for over 30 years. And Kenny Gobin was just 13 when he first started doing odd jobs around the company, and he’s now in his 50s and still works at Corn as a contractor. To this day, he calls Larry and his wife, Janet, “Mom and Dad” as he’s always done — and he never forgets to send a card on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays.

Julie Corn has fond memories of all these dedicated workers from the time she was a little girl. She’s grown up around them and still thinks of them as she did when she was a child visiting her father’s business.

Are family values and traditions still alive in America? At Corn Upholstery, the answer is a resounding “YES!”