Bar Height Banquette

Corn takes standard banquettes to whole new heights.

At Corn, we’ve been accommodating a wide variety of designer and decorator requests for over 65 years. As time goes on, new ideas emerge, new problems arise, and new opportunities for design improvements present themselves.

Bar Height Banquette Side ViewLately, we’ve been seeing designers and decorators asking for banquettes elevated to barstool heights. It seems customers enjoy having the option of variable height seating and designers and decorators are coming to us to satisfy that demand.

Since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act and its subsequent amendment in 2008, most floors in bar venues are the same elevation. To provide variable height seating, interior decorators have two options. The first is to bring in a contractor and create a raised platform for regular, standard-size banquettes. The other and far less expensive option is to simply raise the seating height of the banquette.

To accomplish that, we engineer from the floor up. We factor in safety concerns, such as the increased weight tolerances required for the step-up bar at the base of the banquette. We also have to factor in increased weight accommodations when adding more individuals to a longer, perhaps bar-length banquette.

Of course, building bar-height banquettes doesn’t limit what we can do from a design standpoint. We can still create these banquettes with any covering or fabric decorators desire – in any color. Plus you can choose from a variety of materials and finishes for the legs and even the foot rails. Next time your design plans call for something a bit different, think of Corn. We make change happen.

The long and short of it.
DimensionsIn designing bar-height banquettes, we needed to add 12 inches to the normal seating heights of our banquettes. Bar heights are 42 inches from the floor. Bar stools are 30 inches from the floor. So, to create bar-height banquettes, we’ve raised the seating height from 18 inches to 30 inches.

“Underneath the hood” these higher banquettes are still engineered utilizing Corn’s exacting standards that go far beyond industry norms. At Corn, it’s the things you don’t see that ensure the exceptional quality and longevity of the upholstery we build.

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