Corn combines connectivity with style in new furniture designs.

At Corn, we pride ourselves in accommodating a wide variety design requests. One trend we’re seeing is the request to have electrical and data port connections added to the overall design of banquettes, booths, and sofas.

It seems consumers in a variety of venues are demanding the convenience of connectivity options to supply power, charging capabilities, and internet access for their laptops, tablets, and cell phones. And designers are paying attention.

news1Without limiting design options, the outlets and ports can be located just about anywhere on the furniture — from below the seat cushions in the floor panel to within a side table arrangement and everywhere in between.

To date, we’ve added these connectivity features to a variety of furniture designs for clients like Atlanta Tech Village (shown here), Holiday Inn Clark, Hilton Jackson, Settler’s Ridge, Jackson Healthcare, and more.

news2Want TV with that? No problem!
Recently, Design DMU in Dallas asked us to include television monitors in the lobby banquette seating for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenville, SC. We hard-mounted 19-inch flat-screen monitors within the upholstered inside backs of the furniture using specially designed mounting brackets and an internal wire chaise for wires and cabling.